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Few Bingo brands in the world have as much legacy associated with its name as Robin Hood. Named after the legend Robin Hood himself, this bingo site seems to do the same – distribute the sites wealth among its players! Ever since its establishment in 2012, Robin Hood Bingo has gone to achieve feats that even bingo sites twice its age have failed to. In just a year after launch, Robin Hood Bingo has gone to win one of the most prestigious awards in the bingo world – Best Bingo Site of the Year! To be honest, this piece of news did not surprise us a single bit. Playing at Robin Hood Bingo is literally like taking a trip to Nottingham to meet Robin, the hero himself!

For the first time ever, Yggdrasil Gaming will be venturing into the bingo world. In this venture, they will be coming up with a proprietary product for all gambling operators and casinos to increase their offerings to gamers. From the way this product communicated, it almost seems as if Yggdrasil may change the whole bingo landscape with their product. If Yggdrasil Gaming is known for one thing, it is for their artistic prowess in design and development of slot games. The difference between a slot game from Yggdrasil and any other developer for that matter (even big reputable ones) is just day and night. From the second you start playing, you can tell that a great amount of effort and attention has been put into the design of every single element in their games. More often than not, even their bonus features are highly sophisticated and beautifully integrated into the games. When we heard that Yggdrasil Gaming will be making a move into the bingo industry, we were overwhelmed with joy!

Egyptian God Ausar or more commonly known as Osiris, is the God of the Underworld. Don’t worry, nobody is headed to the underworld in this game, we are just going to cash in on the generosity of the Temple of Ausar. Designed and developed by the artistic Eyecon Gaming, this slot is simple yet engaging at the same time. Whilst there isn’t any sophisticated features, the Temple of Ausar slot compensates in sheer amount of extra spins. Believe it or not, you may trigger up to 225 extra spins continuously! The good news doesn’t stop there, this slot comes with loads of high value symbols. Get five Ausar symbols in a winning payline, and you would be walking home with 9,500 coins!

The idea of having to through another two more months of winter is sometimes unbearable. The piercing cold and the little discomforts every now does not help lift our moods in any way. At Zingo Bingo, things exist in polar opposites. Here, we say that winter is the time for comfort, good food and amazing Bingo! As the saying goes: What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter? Our brand new promotion, the Winter Cash Grab will play a big part in keeping you warm and cosy this cold season. Held throughout the month, we are giving away up to £3,000 to those who play the Temple of Ausar slot. It really is that simple – play a slot and win more money!

Chit Chat Bingo, as our team put it, is a paradigm shift. A big part of that comes from the fact that this site has been designed with the players at the centre of everything; not the Bingo itself. This has been most prevalent after Chit Chat Bingo had shifted from using the IGT Bingo Software to the Dragonfish Bingo Network. The results? The site now appeals to more players across countries and is bustling with players day in and day out. What makes this news more exciting is that Chit Chat Bingo did not totally abandon what was working for them previously. They have brought over the best games from the biggest developers over to their new site. Now, who’s ready for some Chit Chat?!

In the UK Gambling Commission’s efforts to protect all of us gamers from any misconduct, both casinos and bingo operators are required by law to disclose important terms and conditions around a promotion. Failing to do so may result in a hefty fine and worse still may also put the gambling license held by the wrongdoer in question. Just this month, Broadway Gaming has been found guilty of running a misleading advertisement which had failed to communicate significant terms and conditions. Following a thorough investigation, the UK Gambling Commission has ruled a £100,000 fine on Broadway Gaming. Read on to know the full story and the developments behind this case.

It really funny how things play out sometimes. We usually dread reviewing games with a heist theme, but the Art of the heist by Playson has been the total opposite. Instead of using the usual brute force and a heap load of weapons to break in and loot a place, Vincenzo the thief in the Art of Heist uses his stealth and wit to get to the treasure in the museum. This is where you come into the picture – you will have to help Vincenzo navigate through the museum to the treasures. Along the way, you may come across alarm systems, security guards and even mummies. Good luck in finding your way to the treasures!

Yeah, we all know that Monday feeling. You wake up early in the morning only to realize that you are going to be late for work. You then look out of the window with your droopy eyes and weep because the weather’s all cold and wet. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we have all been there… Fortunately for you, all of us at Zingo Bingo know this feeling to well so we are throwing all our players a massive party every Mondays. Called the Monday Madness, our aim is to make ourselves and our loyal players look forward to Mondays by awarding 1Line wins! What are you waiting for? Start saying goodbye to your Monday blues!

It’s not just a figure of speech when we say that Bucky bingo has almost half a century of experience in bingo. It all started back in the 1970s when Bucky Bingo was a proper brick and mortar bingo house, known as Buckingham Bingo. Having successfully operated a massive bingo hall business hosting tens of thousands of players over decades, Buckingham Bingo is the UK version of the bingo Godfather to say the least. Inevitably, the age of the internet took over and Buckingham Bingo set up shop online, with a ‘cooler’ internet name – Bucky Bingo. What I loved most about Bucky Bingo is how they stuck with their initial slogan – to treat all their loyal players like royalty. Despite the significant migration online, every positive aspect has been replicated online, and we think that Bucky Bingo might very well maintain its title as the Godfather of Bingo for many years to come.

In the last week, there are two events that have occurred in the bingo world. These are not just trivial events either – both of them may affect normal players like us sooner or later. The first major news is that GVC Holdings seems to have acquired and taken over Cozy Games’ Bingo operations. This has resulted in the UK Gambling Commission having to revise the licensing details of all the online bingo sites operating under the Cozy Games umbrella. Also, given how cash rich GVC is, we can probably expect the Cozy Games sites to undergo a revamp to offer its players a better gaming experience.